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Tree Trimming

We practice professional arborist techniques. We have the equipment and staff to provide clean and efficient work. Our aim is to create a safety-focused park-like aesthetic.

Tree Removal

Trees are safely removed to the ground level, as close as possible. Stumps can be ground down if requested. All brush is chipped and the firewood can either be, chipped, or cut to size.


Different varieties of trees have different techniques for being trimmed. Our team will achieve a properly trimmed tree to ensure the maximum number of years between tree trimmings.

Watering Practices

While inspecting your complex, we take notes of it’s unique watering needs. With our final report you will receive all recommendations for healthy tree maintenance.

Peace of Mind

Rescue Tree Service can help you retain better tenants and managers. How? By helping you create a freshly updated environment Happy people stay where they are content.

Why you need our services

Pride & Longevity

Freshly trimmed trees bring a pride of ownership to your park. You will be amazed by the positive response from your managers and tenants alike. Rescue Tree Service will bring in a fresh and refined feel to the community.

Nurture Your Assets

Each tree has a monetary value. By keeping it maintained and healthy you can take full advantage of its inherent value. Plus, ignoring tree maintenance can take away from the beauty and aesthetics of the property.

Safe Atmosphere

Falling branches are a safety concern for property owners and renters alike. Trees that are not maintained can cause serious damage, injury, or even death. It is your responsibility to provide a safe environment for your tenants.

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