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Delta, CO
Grand Junction, CO
Montrose, CO
Palisade, CO
Fruita, CO
Cedaredge, CO
Eckert, CO
Austin, CO
Hotchkiss, CO
Paonia, CO
Crawford, CO
Olathe, CO
Clifton, CO
Whitewater, CO
Lazear, CO
Mesa, CO

Rescue Tree Service, Inc. was founded in 1996 when Chris and Beverly Sanchez, the owners, found that certain tree needs were not being met. When they started the business, Chris and Beverly noticed that the tree industry on the Western Slope of Colorado was not being handled professionally. Having owned a large construction company for many years that focused on commercial, residential and apartment complexes, Chris noticed that trees were not being trimmed properly. Tree companies 

often couldn’t trim the tree properly due to the height of the tree, or would “top” the trees (a tragedy to the tree). Chris and Beverly also noticed that there were no companies with the ability to trim very tall trees. Cottonwoods, sycamores, lodgepole pines and many other types of trees were well over 80′ to 100′ tall, and the competition only had the ability to trim trees that were 50 to 60 feet in height. It didn’t take long to realize that trucks with the ability to trim these very tall trees was the way to go.

Specializing in Tall Trees

Tall trees are the hazardous trees. As Rescue Tree Service grew, certain facts become obvious.



Tall trucks were required for the tall trees.


A properly trained crew is vital! RTS crews are required to attend mandatory safety seminars. Techniques are continuously updated from industry literature and training.


Fair pricing for home owners. Tall trees are often old trees, and some companies take advantage of a person’s love of an old tree. Depending upon the situation, it may or may not be an insurance claim. RTS offers fair pricing for both residential and commercial customers.


Never take money up front. RTS is so confident in the quality of their work (and so frustrated by other fly-by-night tree companies ripping people off), they vowed to let the work speak for itself.


Pay good wages for a good crew. Several of the RTS employees have been with the company for over 20 years, and some have been with the company since it’s inception.


RTS carries General liability and full workers’ compensation insurance.

Although the tree industry has tightened up in the last 10 to 15 years, the overall result of the improper trimming has created an urban forest in ‘disaster’ due to the topping done 30-40 years ago. Many trees were butchered because these other companies could not reach the height for a proper trim. Being able to reach the area of the tree that needs trimmed – rather than cutting off the top – has enabled RTS to save many thousands of trees in the western United States.

About The Name

Once Chris Sanchez realized that tall trucks with long booms were the way to go, he began searching the country for a truck that could meet his needs. As he searched, he ‘got lucky’ and found an old fire truck in Alabama.

Realizing that this vehicle met both his goals – to be able to trim tall trees as well as save these old beauties – “Rescue Tree Service” was born. Though they now use specific tree pruning lifts that can reach up to 100 feet, the fire truck has been the emblem of quality ever since.

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